Sweater and Blanket Distribution

Poverty is a serious issue in the rural area of India and parents cannot afford to buy winter clothes for themselves and their kids. Quite sadly, it’s hard to survive in winter season! This winter let’s donate warm, heavy blankets and sweaters to the needy people near footpath, temples and slum area. SWC welfare committee of Indore is offering a package of Rs.1000/- for 4 poors. We are making efforts to revive India’s future citizenry.

Over the past few years, we have been able to distribute around 2000+ sweaters to the kids and people who can’t afford to buy sweaters & warm blankets. This year, we are going to donate with the help of you.

So, be a part of our social welfare program. Contact us SWC committee members on 8889995737 for more.


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