SOCIAL (2016-17)

Health is wealth is a universal truth, today government is already launching various projects and health schemes to prevent malnutrition and diseases but due to lack of awareness people are not getting benefits from these schemes so Sunni Welfare Committee collaborates with Government body, Charitable hospitals and Doctors and organizes medical health camp of various specialty in slums.


Share For Care - Monthly Ration kit distribution program

As we know that there are two categories in our society one comes out of their houses to seek help but the second category cannot, as per our research this second category is majorly belongs to “Old age” people

So we restricted this project for second category, our investigation team select and approve the needy after clearing this eligibility criterion beneficiary starts getting monthly ration kit.

It’s a project through which you can supply monthly basic food material with no physical effort  for complete one year to genuine needy ,what you have to do is just subscribe yourself annually under share for care package of worth Rs. 3600/- only.

The best part of our system is you will have all the information of your sponsored needy and monthly transaction.

Note : All the needy are eligible for Zakaat.

M&D - Medical and daily need

This project is synced with our “Share for Care”, so in order to understand medical and daily need you have to understand first share for care

Since beneficiaries of share for care got the basic food requirement but they also need medicine or daily need products like fuel, milk, bread etc so to fulfill this requirement we introduce medical and daily need project which provides sum of Rs.250/- Monthly to the beneficiaries.

The subscription of this package is 3000/- per annum.

Note: It’s not mandatory that we only include share for care beneficiaries there are some special cases under which we includes other.


Awareness Programs:

Awareness is a key to change the mind set of society, “Sunni Welfare Committee” organizes awareness programs to encourage people for education, employment and social responsibilities.

Some of the events under this project:

#Celebrating Republic day and Independence by hosting flag at a time at 145 area, we organizes rally with students, we distribute badges and flags with the message of


“Mazhab nahi sikhata apas mein ber rakhna hindi hai ham watan hai hindustan hamara”


Nasha mukti abhiyan


Pulse polio Abhiyan


Swach Bharat Abhiyan


School Chale Hum



It’s a self defense training program for girls, with the collaboration of Police department and Jwala organization. In this training program trainers teach girls how to protect themselves from anti social elements.

Intellectual meets

With great scholars of current age we organizes gathering of social workers, Teachers and people from different sector to encourage them to play their part for the development of society.



Police thanking cards:

At the time of 10th Moharram when large no. of police men performs their duties our teams appreciates and oblige them for their work by presenting a greeting card and chocolate.

Data Strength:

For the development of any society or any region we should have the data of that society or region

We have the datas of following:


#Media person

#social organization



And as per the project requirement we collect the data.



Sunni welfare committee committed to deliver the donation to the actual needy so in this project people donate dresses, winter clothes, food material, Books ,wheel chairs, etc


Dress Distribution


Dress & Course Distribution


Specks distribution


Wheel chair distribution


Winter Cloth Distribution


Food Packet Distribution


Sweet Water Project:

Water is the most basic need of every living being but still many areas are facing the scarcity of water Sunni welfare committee under this project arranges boring and motor to the chosen area, these borings are done by sponsorship plan since it is said “if u want to send the best rewards to your ancestors or yourselves just dig a well” so people believing on this saying sponsors the complete boring and by this noble deed 1000 of people gets water for their livelihood.

Rescue Mission:

A special rescue team is build at every flood prone zone so that any calamity happens this team immediately comes into effect  .This team is linked with disaster management to make easy for disaster management team to reach and provide possible help at crucial times.