Education is the most important factor for the development of any society so having an AIM of no illiteracy existence we have started a reform with the Slogan... “Mission 2025 - Sab Pade Sab Bade” Under this program Sunni Welfare Committee majorly works for the awareness and importance of education.

Computer classes:

A famous saying “Food, Shelter and Clothing are the Basic Need” but we believe that for better survival we should include education in this ,since education is vast ocean and there are various streams in it and one of the important stream is computer Education.
Computer knowledge has become very essential in every sector weather it may be corporate, technical studies, Govt. sector or any other small or large scale industries Sunni Welfare Committee have started a training program for basic computer education, MS Office, Tally, Corel Draw, Internet, Hindi English typing etc under very nominal fee structure.
A Well equipped lab has been set up at our headquarter and highly trained faculty is available from 9AM to 6PM. Computer Class is linked with Jobs4u student who got trained in class will get enrolled in jobs4u and then Employment division arrange interviews as per his/ her caliber.

Competitive classes:

“If you want to serve through the system you have to be in the system”, here system means government body of country, unless you will not make your presence in the system you will not get aware of numerous benefits which government offers, and above all being in the system enables us to serve for our country. It could be Police dept., Railway, Defense, Administration, PSU etc.
So Sunni Welfare Committee introduced common competitive classes with the collaboration of well known coaching institute of Madhya Pradesh… Vedanta Institute. Dedicated and well trained teachers for every subject providing their best services in classes, it covers all the subject up to a certain level, you can consider the level is equivalent to state PSC, Course duration is of 3 Month and Sunni Welfare Committee charges only 500/-.
Currently class is running in I.K. boy’s school Chawni from 5pm to 7pm per batch contains 30 students.

SCW - School Co-ordination Wing:

School coordination wing is a branch of Sunni Welfare Committee which works specifically for schools there are certain programs which SCW Promotes and work.
#Coordination –
A dedicated person surveys all school and collects the data then as per the requirement and necessity of school SCW works for lessoning, management, administration, Human resources, Organizational behavior and others aspects.scw targets the empowerment of schools


Facing exam is really a very tough job it brings stress, fear, and tension etc and students in a small age group does not have the capacity to manage all these things with studies so Inspiro is program which teaches student that exam is an opportunity and how to get away from exam phobia .It develops the confidence of student which enhances the performance.
Training session is conducted by Mr. Abu Backer Siddique Noorani (Director Taiba Edu Group) and a Great Scholar Mr. M.K Mustafa (Director Pakiza Edu Group) great motivator.
This session SCW have conducted 4 programs under which thousands of students attended the session and they found a great change in their lives.

Career Guidance:

“Choosing Right Path Is One Of The Key To Success” What to choose, how to choose, and choice is suitable or not, these are some of the basic question student faces after their 10th and 12th. sunni welfare committee from past two years running this program from its headquarter ,every year we organizes individual counseling program where student get all the knowledge about every stream.
Now this program will be run by SCW with new methods and programs

Govt. Benefits:

Government offers numerous benefits for students and one of the major beneficial programs is scholarship program offered by minority affairs, state Government, and central, So SCW started awareness program for making people aware of benefits of scholarship and also help them to complete the formalities.
Every year thousands of students gets benefit from this campaign apart from this we also circulate the information for Right to education and how to apply for it.

Personality development:

A person's personality is important as it distinguishes him from other individuals and inspires others to follow him as a leader. Personality development helps an individual to live with a positive attitude towards life and reduces stress.
Personality development is gaining so much importance, that today, offices stress on motivation and personality development almost as much as the work structural requirements of the office. Personality development is important in any environment. At office: Personality development is essential, because with the right personality and social skills, one can interact effortlessly and well with colleagues and team-participation becomes simpler, as everyone dwells into matters with positive approaches, due to the personality development.
SCW working on personality development for the job aspirants to groom their confidence level ,aspirants those who are enrolled for job gets individual training and counseling for personality development that includes behavior, speaking, attitude and self motivation


Edu-help is a smart charity investment plan for those who want their charity to be invested for education. Sunni welfare committee launched this project to help children for education, under this project student gets help for fees, courses, and educational kits.
5000/- per annum is a sponsorship amount then as per the sponsors desire we design the package like 10 edu kit of worth Rs.500/- can be given to 10 needy children or school yearly tuition fee can be paid for 1 child or course can be distributed .
So it is a mode of regulating zakat into genuine hands for education. Sunni welfare committee maintains the transparency we present all the record related to the student if fees is paid or details of the beneficiaries is provided if any distribution is done under package.

Teachers Training:

“Teachers are the gardener who nourishes a small plant into a big fruitful tree.”
Since Teachers are the major role playing category for the development of entire generation but they too need training for knowing various skills in teaching. So with the association of Markaz Kerela SCW organizes teachers training program specially for the schools situated in slum areas Mr.M.K Mustufa (Director Pakiza Edu Group) and Mr. Abubacker Siddique Noorani (Taiba Edu Group) conducts training program and improves the teaching skills of teachers.