Medical Camps

Health is wealth is a universal truth, today government is already launching various projects and health schemes to prevent malnutrition and diseases but due to lack of awareness people are not getting benefits from these schemes so Sunni Welfare Committee collaborates with Government body, Charitable hospitals and Doctors and organizes medical health camp of various specialty in slums.


Diabetes Camp


ENT Camp


Eye Camp


Khatna camp


General Camp


Dental Camp


SWC Shifa Charitable Clinic:

Sunni Welfare Committee has four clinics in major slum areas where highly experienced doctors are serving for two hours daily.
Sunni Welfare Committee provides free medicine and doctor consultation in just Rs.5/- Clinic is very specific for the treatment of primary diseases and allergy.

Cataract Elimination:

Cataract is very common problem in our country people often indulge into this problem after a specific age not only this as the diabetes is a very common disorder in our country and the diabetic person is very much probe to get cataract in their eyes.

Sunni welfare committee collaborated with the well known NABH approved Hospital name Indore Eye Hospital having motive to eliminate cataract from society

Because of lack of awareness poor does not care for their cataract which lead themselves into blindness so SWC and IEH extracted the solution to cure for this is we link all the general practitioners of slum areas and trained them to screen cataract and after finding positive signs they refer the patient and needy will be operated for free by Indore Eye Hospital also we organizes camps in different area for finding cataract patients.



T.B Health Survey:

Tuberculosis is a disease which not only effect the patient it also effect the surroundings and if it is not treated well and regularly this disease leads patient to death Daily major no. of people are dying because of this disease  in our country.

CETI –collaboration for elimination of T.B is well known NGO working particularly for eliminating T.B We are associated with CETI from 3 years and done several major awareness camps and activities .Recently CETI launched a program LKDB – “Lambi Khansi Dheema Bukhar” its a survey program in which word T.B will not be in use in order to considering the phobia so they have found Khajrana (large area of Indore) having population of more than two lacs is having maximum no. of positive cases so CETI and SWC organize a survey program under LKDB with 12 Female volunteers they have started the survey from Feb. 17 and till march 17 they have done a survey of 73000 people and found 315 suspects of TB they also manage their various test through Govt. hospital and if found positive they arrange treatment also and this process is ongoing.

Medi-Aid BOX:

It’s an innovative project of Sunni welfare committee, We medicines which are not in use and are not expired from different public places.

SWC have customized boxes in which a person can drop tablets and capsules .It is clearly mentioned in the boxes that not to drop expired or suspected medicines in Medi-aid Box. every month our volunteer  collect the medicine from the boxes and submit it to headquarter .our medical team scrutinize medicines very carefully and if they have any doubt or misprint they remove those medicines and the usable medicines then send to our clinics.



“Maharaja Yashwant Rao Holkar Hospital” is one of the biggest hospital of Madhya Pradesh people comes from different part of states for their treatment major part of the patient population is of poor and needy.

With the collaboration of Sunni Welfare Committee And PCT (A charitable Organization) a medical store has been set up which distributes free generic medicines to all the patient of M.Y .H .Store opens for only 2 hours and in that two hour daily more than 150 patient get benefit.

Every year almost 45000 patients got benefitted.

Pathology Collection Centre:

Diagnosis is a basic need for treatment and In slums due to lack of awareness it is very often when any doctor suggests diagnosis people never take it seriously and make themselves more critical and it is also not possible to open lab at every slum so to prevent this issue we collaborate with white crescent and by resolving this issue we have introduced a collection centre at very popular at Chandan Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

In collection centre trained person collects sample and bring it to labs where the sample got diagnosed and then the report is deliver to patient.

We have also implies 70 to 90 percent of discount at each test and lab does almost all the test.

Project started in March 17 that’s why we are not mentioning the data but as the centre started we got more than expected response




Medi help package is for those who are poor and cannot afford the basic medical charges which become mandatory for them because of any disease like Dylasis,or any regular medicines prescribed by