As per our analysis many organizations are facing the issues of manpower, they did not get skilled employee and on the other hand there are various skilled, educated and potential people who are not getting right platform to show their skill and performance.
So we have started a project under our employment section named Jobs4u, it is very much similar to job consultancy, We have Collaborated with more than 21 organizations small and big and started collecting vacancies from them, We circulate the information for all the vacancies and collects resume. After collecting the resume we screen candidates and send for the interviews if we found them unskilled we train them for computer skill and personality development under our computer and Personality Development Classes.
Our candidates are placed in Flipkart, Pakiza Indore, Zeba Kids, Bombay disposal, Saify Hotel, I.Z Industries, I.P Real State, Multani Motors, Asrafi industries and various other organizations.


People who have crossed their age to seek education have no option to work as an employee or to run small business but since due to lack of education they don’t get growth in both the terms so basically this project empowers capable people for small scale business or micro business.
A format has been set up for small scale project which includes Execution, Operation and marketing under some protocols person has to sell his product with the brand name of Zariya, Product could be any food material, Daily use plastic item or any other which can be consider being profitable.
In order to make project sustainable there are certain condition under which SWC sanctions the project.

  • Person has to inform about weekly business he has done.
  • He/she has to face the vigilance.
  • Guarantor should be in every project so that person cannot misuse of our product.
  • Person cannot sell or handover our product to any other person if he or she does so SWC has the right to take back his or her sanctions.

“Protocols and regulation are all meant for the development of needy.”
Projects recently launched: Vegetable Cart, Biryani Station, Fruit Cart, and Sewing Machine for women.,


Zariya“Women Empowerment Program”

"Zariya is not only restricted to men empowerment but majorly working for women empowerment. Women are not coming out of the society to work because of many obvious reason but earning is still very important for them considering all the issues, We planned a program in which we provides the earning near to their homes maintaining the environment suitable for their working.
With the collaboration of “Ifza Welfare society” we have set up a training institute for tailoring with high skilled trainers around 16 commercial sewing machine installed in the institute and till now 180 Women got trained from this institute till now talking about the earning those who wants to earn from home we provide them individual machine and Ifza welfare started to bring jobs for the trainees in institute.
Institute is in Azad Nagar, Indore (Madhya Pradesh), We are planning 2nd institute in Chandan Nagar, Indore.

Jobs fare:

It’s a major platform for both employer and employee, where both can meet each other as per their requirements. Fare is an open field for the job seeking aspirants to choose their company according to their qualification and interest.
Recently we have organized a job fare with the collaboration of AMP and splash consultancy where more than 10 companies have participated and more than 300 aspirants enrolled for interview out of them 150 got offer letters. Sunni welfare committee was event partner in this fare.
Now we are trying to associate with bigger consultancy forums, which work in every sector and in larger volume.


Art Classes:

"SWC art classes is  dedicatedly started for the women empowerment ,today art is priceless thing which can make any individual empowered, so for females who are not well educated can learn different kinds of arts for their earnings.
Jasmine art classes which is very well known for Mehendi art associates with Sunni Wellfare Committee to train and provides employment to capable and needy women, Jasmine art classes has a huge team of such females who are regularly getting employment from this art, so with the joint efforts classes has been started at Zeenat public school, Khajrana, Indore.