On 22nd January 2019, the SWC welfare committee organized a free eye check-up camp in the Aazad Nagar, Indore. The aim was to provide people with better eye care so they can dream with open eyes and be clear about the future they want to create for themselves. The camp provided free eye care services to those members of our society who are deprived of basic medical facilities and are lack awareness of the importance of eye care.

After our initial efforts by the team, we were able to collaborate with experienced and leading eye-specialists. As a part of our free eye healthcare initiative, 200+ people received free eye checkup so far. Many of the cataracts patients examined and received the best treatment from our experts. Besides, whose eyesight was found poor would be given spectacles free. All patients went home happily. It is not all about doing eye checkups, it is about happiness and smiles of all individuals. We are continuously looking forward to serving people more in the upcoming years.


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